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Edwards Graham Insurance Del Rio Texas
Edwards Graham Insurance
Our History

Edwards-Graham Insurance Agency was Del Rio’s first insurance agency, founded in 1906 by Mr. A. G. Edwards. The original office was located at the southeast corner of Garfield and Main Streets. Mr. Thomas Graham soon joined his father-in-law in the insurance agency When the Del Rio National Bank built its current location on the southwest corner of Garfield and Main Streets, the agency moved into its former home, the current Del Rio Loan Building on South Main Street. The agency provided insurance and personal loans to its clients. Mr. Graham sold the agency in the early 1960’s to several of the producers in the office. In the 1970’s, the insurance agency split from the loan company and moved to its current home at 1906 Veterans Blvd across the street from the Del Rio Civic Center.

In 2004, Edwards-Graham Insurance Agency merged with Val Verde Insurance Agency, the second oldest insurance agency in Del Rio. Val Verde Insurance Agency was established in 1945 and was a friendly competitor to Edwards-Graham Insurance Agency for 69 years. In 2004, the two were combined to give Del Rio a major independent insurance agency that is able to maintain the best contracts with the strongest insurance companies to better serve its clients.

Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agency?
Edwards-Graham Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. What this means to our clients is that we are an advocate for our clients, not just for our insurance companies. We have contracts with many insurance companies. This has many benefits for our clients.

Are Your Insurance Limits High Enough? by Rachel Beavan

You may have seen a recent tv commercial showing a young man and his parents in a courtroom. They have just found out that they have to pay for a lawsuit settlement that exceeds their insurance limits. Can this really happen? You bet! There is another tv commercial where an attorney is telling you that if you are on a jury, you cannot base a judgment against someone on their insurance limits. This is a bit more confusing, but what he is telling you is that if you are sued for an auto accident, a jury will determine how much you owe the other party without knowing what your insurance limits are. There is a good chance they could decide that you owe more than your insurance limits. If that happens, where does the money come from? It could come from your savings, college funds or your IRA. You could be forced to sell some of your assets. Your wages could be garnished. The answer is…the extra money comes from you. In a turbulent economy, most people only think about how much their insurance will cost them. If your insurance agent is doing his job, he or she will give you options in coverage limits based on your individual situation. What do you have to lose if you are the one in that court room facing that jury? How do you know what your insurance limits are? Look on your policy. Texas requires minimum auto insurance limits of $25,000 per person for bodily injury up to $50,000 per accident, regardless of the number of people in the car. If you cause an accident, and the other party requires surgery, how far will $25,000 take you? If the operation is $50,000, your insurance company will only pay the top limit of $25,000. Are you financially prepared to pay for the rest? Wouldn’t you rather spend that $25,000 on something for your family? How do you know what insurance limits are right for you? Your agent should be talking to you about this. Here’s where to start…make a list of all of your assets. This includes your home, your cars, your checking and savings accounts. Then consider your household income. How much do you need to protect? That will give you an idea of what insurance limits are right for you. Then talk to your agent before you end up in the courtroom.